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Jeremy Thomas works primarily with air and color. He has worked to develop his process defining chromatic metal objects with air.

Air is something we all understand and experience as humans, something we take for granted. Breathing is the continuous chemical reaction that sustains life, one of the things that connects us all to each other directly though each respiration.


Air is measured and experienced through pressure and volume. This work is the visual experience of that pressure and volume as applied to a geometric construct.  These forms are grown more than fabricated.  Each work is specific to the dialogue between the maker, the object and the moment of inflation. This sets up a contrast of juxtapositions between surface, form, structure, color, and process.


Color is something we are bombarded with continuously to affect our perception. It is used throughout industry to objectify and manipulate. When we remove these colors from their original commercial contexts and re-appropriate them, we are able to experience them viscerally, outside of these pretexts. This allows for a new experience or  reflection on past experience within the context of our color memory.







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Charlotte Jackson Fine Art - Santa Fe, NM 


Gallerie Renate Bender - Munich, DE                                                      


Bentley Gallery - Phoenix, AZ                                         


Galerie Richard - New York, NY / Paris, FR


Multiple Art - Zurich, CH



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